Glenns Ferry, Idaho

Glenns Ferry Ghost Tour

Whether sitting around a campfire or sitting in a movie theater, we all love a bone-chilling ghost story. The best ghost stories are ones that are true, and what better setting to hear such tales than a small, rural town with old buildings and deep historic roots? So, sit back and enjoy some real-life ghost stories as we bring our spiritual medium Dave Ottens in to communicate with the ghosts that live among the residents of Glenns Ferry, Idaho.

To gain access to this self-guided walking tour please download it below.

Locations on Ghost Tour

Each is listed on the map as a Yellow Star.

1. The Historic Opera Theatre
2. Eiguren’s House
3. Stews
4. Trophy Club/Brothel Upstairs
5. Fudge Factory
6. Glenns Ferry Historical Museum
7. Old Junior High School

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Here is some on Ruth….

The Times News – 06-30-1983 – Glenns Ferry has school spirit – B3

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Glenns Ferry Historical Tour

Within 30 minutes we promise to enlighten you with some interesting facts about Glenns Ferry’s past as well as letting you in on some town secrets.  To gain access to this self guided walking tour please download it below and you will be provided with a tour guide to help you learn more about what makes Glenns Ferry rich in history.

Locations on Historical Tour

Each is listed on the map as a Yellow Star.

1.     Glenn’s Ferry Historical Museum
2.     First Bank in Glenns Ferry / Seeds
3.     Starlight building / Stew’s
4.     Commercial Hotel
5.     The Historic Opera Theatre
6.     Site of Oregon Shoreline Depot
7.     Rosevear Hardware / La Novedades Mexican Restaurant
8.     World Wide Equine Dentistry
9.     Bostics Livery Stable
10.    Kitty Wilkin’s House

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Other Formats to download:


Glenns Ferry – Historical Tour iPad

Glenns Ferry – Historical Tour iPhone

Glenns Ferry – Historical Tour Mp3

A Walking Tour on Historic “Highway 30”

Glenns Ferry

A Hometown Community where the “Past meets the Future”

Glenns Ferry was one of the most famous river crossings on the Oregon Trail. Pioneers forded the Snake River at the Three Island Crossing until 1869, when Gustavus “Gus” Glenn constructed a ferry about two miles upstream, primarily to expedite freight but also for emigrants. His boat, which could hold two wagons, cut nearly twenty miles from the former route.

Glenns Ferry is a city in Elmore County, Idaho, United States. The city is adjacent to Interstate 84 and the Snake River.

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